The municipality of Brunate is located in the Lombardy Prealps at an altitude between 562 and 1027 meters. The town of Brunate itself is located at an altitude of 715 meters.
During the excavations at Brunate in 1895 and 1909 evidence were found indicating the existence of a settlement of Celtic tribes since the 6th century BC. During the colonization of the Comasca valley by the Romans, Brunate began to follow the same fates of Como. Only in 1947 it became definitively independent.

On 6 November 1894 the opening of the cable car is the date that marks a breakthrough in the history of Brunate, which, from a solitary village perched above Como, will become in a few years a thriving tourist center, in vogue between the small Lombard industries and the best Middle Eastern bourgeoisie.

Private initiative is a constant in the progress of the small Lombardy town. It is precisely at this time that cultural events, receptions and the local newspaper New Brunate Herald are being created. Even the eclecticism of the buildings is the result of the eccentricity of Italian and International guests.

In 1912 a cannon firing blank cartridges was installed to signal to the residents of Como the midday. Built to keep the hail on the Garzola grapes, it is in the middle of the cable track. . Today the typical visitor visits the old town, the Volta Lighthouse and looks for panoramas, we suggest to discover and appreciate both aspects of Brunate: the villas and the scenic walks.

The main ways to discover the villas are:

Via Roma with Villa Cantaluppi Giuliani and its rich Liberty style ornaments and the eclectic Villa Calderini and Villa Ghezz; In via Pissarottino we find Villa Pirotta, a nice mix of Baroque and Liberty and then you come to an extraordinary belvedere.

If you have time, start looking for the crossroads between Via Roma and Via Pirotta and choose this one, you will find Villa Dolara that takes on the motives of the medieval castle and Villa Giussani, which features manieristic elements and floral style

One of the most popular excursions is definitely the Strada Regia a route that crosses the eastern shore of Lake Como between the capital and Bellagio. The generally well-marked route can be done on foot or by mountain bike. The first stage of Brunate – Torno (6km) is also suitable for children and it hosts along the path a natural strangeness waiting for you to discover it.

Finally participate in local events will allow you to interact with the community:

• The soccer tournament of the quaerters, which takes place in the first half of July at the Nidrino Sports Center

• The feast of San Maurizio, second patron of the town is a typical village festival held each year the third Sunday of September in the locality of the same name;

•  The feast in honor of the Patron San Andrea the Apostle takes place on 30 November. The celebration begins the night before with a torchlight procession and a fascinating atmosphere in the streets of the town.

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