This small market in the outskirts of Como is the ideal place to come if you are looking for real local food and unforgettable tasting experiences. Here, you won’t find many stands, but each one will sell you authentic homegrown and homemade delicacies. Producers, farmers and breeders sell directly their products and they will be glad to tell you their stories and experiences.

This original market takes place weekly and it was born from the cooperation between small local producers and informed consumers, who look for good-quality, healthy and organic food as they are concerned with respecting the environment, people working conditions and the need to consume seasonal produce.

Of course, you won’t find shiny and regular fruit, but authentic food and people, and you will experience our land with all your senses. You can buy your packed lunch and then start exploring Spina Verde Park, the town green area.

The market takes place every Saturday morning, from 8.30 to 12.30, in the borough of Rebbio at number 3, Via Salvadonica, which you can easily reach from the city centre by bus or on foot.

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