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Brienno, the labyrinth town

Narrow and mysterious alleys. Stunning stairways. Old houses of fishermen directly overlooking the lake and behind them a steep, harsh mountain. Brienno, just 20 minutes from Como, is almost unknown to mass tourism.

No 5-star hotels, no glamorous villas and no palms along the lakeside. Here you will rather find small houses leaning against each other, and lanes that speak plainly already from their name, such as via Labirinto (Maze Street). In this place where time seems to have stopped you can get an idea of how the villages were in this area before the advent of tourism and live the authentic atmosphere of the Lake for a few hours.

The village hides jealously some beautiful and special places. There is a strange gallery excavated on top of another gallery ( and a park hanging just above the lake. Look for them patiently, lose yourself in these contorted and infinite alleys, only getting lost in the labyrinth village you will find the true soul of Lake Como.

Getting there: you can get there by boat or by bus. The town can be reached from Como city center in less than half an hour.

Il paese nasconde geloso alcuni luoghi bellissimi e particolari. C’è una strana galleria scavata sopra un’altra galleria e un parco sospeso proprio sopra il Lago. Cercali come se fosse una caccia al tesoro, lasciati confondere da questi vicoli contorti e infiniti: è perdendoti nel paese-labirinto che troverai la vera anima del Lago di Como.