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Comacina Island

Comacina Island is the only island of Lake Como, an archaeological and natural park, a unique place where history, art and nature intersect.

Over 600 meters long and 200 meters wide, Comacina has a total area of 6 hectares, mostly covered by a lush Mediterranean vegetation. The island is of glacial origin and formed from the Abduan glacier.

A bit of history. The true, religious and strategic importance of this place manifests itself at the time of the fall of the barbarians and begins decisively when conflicts between the Eastern Romans (the Byzantines), which under Giustiniano had reconquered Italy, and Longobards (in 569).

Considered from the Middle Ages among the most important religious nuclei in the Diocese of Como, the island saw numerous churches, including one of the most notable basilicas of the eleventh century, S. Eufemia (whose ruins can be visited) on its land.
Moreover, according to the historiographical myth of the Magistri Comacini, the Isola Comacina was the origin of the comacine art, which, joining the Lombard style, contributed to generating the Romanic.

We advise not to miss the artistic and naturalistic itineraries because they allow you to discover the peculiarities of Comacina:
-The unusual presence of two sacred buildings with double apse, unique in its kind in the Comasca area;

-The seventeenth-century church of S. Giovanni Battista (iconic symbol of the Island);
-The fusion of nature and tradition that makes this corner of the world unique and unrivaled.

Finally a curiosity: it is said that the island was cursed, but in 1948 three local people decided to plant a inn (locanda) on the island. Two out of three were killed, only Lino Nessi survived.

Scared and ready to leave, he decide to fight the damnation one last time doing the exorcism of the fire, recommended by English writer Francis Dale.
Since then, every time someone honors the canteen of the Inn of the Island, the rite of fire takes place. Since then no one died anymore.

One of the most spectacular events in Lake Como, on Saturday of the week that falls on June 24 a magnificent fireworks show “fire” the island and the night on the lake illuminated by thousands of floating lumaghitts.

How to get there: access to Isola Comacina is via lake with boarding in Ossuccio (Taxi-boat) or by means of the Lake Como Navigation which allows landing directly on the island (