Ostello Bello Myanmar calendar and astrology

Myanmar: calendar and astrology

Burmese calendar – just like ours – is composed by 12 months, and counts 12 festivities all related to Buddhism.

The funniest and most important celebration is surely New Year’s Eve, Thingyan or Water Festival, lasting 4/5 days. The exact celebration date changes according to the Buddhist calendar, but it’s generally held around mid- April. It’s called Water Festival because during the celebration people get to the streets and try to splash as many people as possible with water bombs. No one is spared because it is considered a sign of respect: water cleans bad acts away. To figure out what is like to be in Myanmar during that time, just try to remember mid-summer days when you and your friends tried to hit people lying on the beach with water bombs. It will be exactly the same: the only difference is that they will be wearing traditional clothes and will hit you back stronger and more determined. Are you ready?

Beside New Year’s Eve there are many other festivals in Myanmar. Find out more about them to choose when to plan your visit.

Let’s go back to the Burmese calendar and what makes it special. Despite its 12 months, there are 8 days a week. Yes, you heard us. The Burmese week is composed by eight days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday morning (00:01-12:00), Wednesday afternoon (12:01-00:00), Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Each day is linked to a star sign, a compass point and a planet.

Number 8 recurs because it’s believed to represent cosmic balance and the divine frequency recorded in the universe.

Do you want to find out which is your zodiac sign? Call your mum, ask her the date and exact time of your birth and we will reveal the magic influx planets and compass points have on your personality.


Here is the list of personality features of every zodiac sign according to Burmese astrology.

Ostello Bello Myanmar calendar and astrology

Zodiac sign: Garuda, a mythical figure representing a bird-like divine creature
Dominant planet: Sun
Compass sign: North-East
Personality: Independent, ambitious, generous



Zodiac sign: Tiger
Dominant Planet: Moon
Compass sign: East
Personality: Intelligent, intuitive, patient



Zodiac sign: Lion
Dominant planet: Mars
Compass sign: South-East
Personality: Strong, courageous, proactive


Wednesday morning (00:01-12:00)

Zodiac sign: Elephant with tusks
Dominant planet: Mercury
Compass point: South
Personality: Unpredictable, spontaneous, energetic


Wednesday afternoon (12:01-00:00)

Zodiac sign: Elephant without tusks
Dominant planet: Rahu
Compass point: North-West
Personality: Versatile, unconventional



Zodiac sign: Mouse
Dominant planet: Jupiter
Compass point: West
Personality: Sincere, unbiased, philosophical



Zodiac sign: Guinea pig
Dominant planet: Venus
Compass point: North
Personality: Creative, affectionate, spontaneous



Zodiac sign: Dragon
Dominant planet: Saturn
Compass point: South-West
Personality: Responsible, disciplined, structured