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Sport and activities in Umbria

For true adrenaline junkies Umbria can be a never-ending playground: canyoning, paragliding and picture perfect bike rides make sure you never get bored

The Umbrian country side seems like the perfect place for a spiritual retreat, whose most fatigue prone activity would be turning the pages on your favourite book. On the other hand, however, there’s some people who just can’t handle sitting still and whose idea of chilling might well be climbing a mountain. Well this post is dedicated to you crazy fellas, my hyperactive friends, and it’s filled to the brim with all the activities that could make your day when you wake up at our Ostello Bello Assisi Bevagna. Let me remind you that you can fly free solo on these activities, or ask our friends Laura and Daniele to plan a tour tailored to your specific type of crazy.

Monte Subasio itineraries

For those who’d like to follow in Saint Francis’ footsteps (literally, not by giving away all their earthly belongings and devoting themselves to the Lord) the best way is by leaving from the center of Assisi. Venture through the paths that led him to find spiritual enlightenment, as well as many animal friends, in the Natural Park of Monte Subasio. Here you will run into the classic beauties nature has to offer, as well as some important stops on religious pilgrimage itineraries, like “il Bosco di San Francesco”, or Land Art pieces like “Il Terzo Paradiso” by the contemporary artist Michelangelo Pistoletto. If you’d like to go for a peaceful walk and enjoy the lush green around you, in the park there is the Osteria del Mulino, where you can taste local delicacies and wine or pick up a packed lunch. If you feel like more of an adventure, instead, there’s a bunch of paths you can get lost along (while keeping your GPS handy please, we’re not hyper like you and don’t have the strength to come looking for you). You can find them all here.

Paragliding on Monte Subasio

If you feel like country side life is a little too monotonous for you, why not look at things from a fresh perspective by going on a nice little flight over the entire area? As you now know, just a few kilometers from our hostel in Torre del Colle is the curvy Monte Subasio, and wherever there’s a curvy hill, there’s always a hot head that makes the most of it with some extreme sport. Our hill boasts paragliding hot heads: by sitting more or less comfortably you can enjoy the whole Monte Subasio panorama, from hill-top to valley, while flying among the birds. Not recommended for anybody who gets the heebie-geebies from heights. All info at this link.


Another adventure you crazy Indiana Jones can enjoy in the parks of Monte Subasio is canyoning.

Bike path Spoleto Assisi

For our pedaling friends, the ones who wake up at 6am to explore the surroundings and get back at sunset ready to eat anything that happens to be at hand, Assisi’s surroundings has so many amazing itineraries you could scream. The main bike path in Umbria, for example, that connects Assisi to Spoleto, passing through Foligno and other beauties. If our biking buddies can’t keep their appetite at bay, no problem: as you may have guessed there’s no short supply of lip licking food and wine options in the area. Don’t be shy and enjoy it all, we can always come and pick you up with our van later on.

Hot-air balloon ride over Assisi

You’re more romantic and less extreme in your activities? Well then, let the others sweat while you take in heavens and earth comfortably perched in a hot-air balloon’s basket in the skies above Assisi. If you’re looking for spiritual uplifting, we can’t guarantee the change in altitude will do the trick, but there’s no loss in trying.