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Ostello Bello model: strategic business plan

Just like any other society, Ostello Bello Strategic Business Plan presents the society’s strategies, actions and tools that are to be taken to reach their goals. These goals, in spite of their complex realization, are actually very simple: to assert Ostello Bello business model as unique in its reference market.
Industrializing an experience? The importance of people

Ostello Bello model is based on offering a unique hospitality experience and sharing, based on the concept of the hostel as a “home”.

One of the main challenges is then the recruitment, training and fidelity process of the people who are to run this home: Ostello Bello staff. To put it simple, it’s a matter of creating and replicating a model which need to be flawless on an operational point of view and at the same be flexible enough to allow us to welcome and “spoil” our guests.

OB selects its staff according to the specific skills required in this field, but also with a set of “soft skills” such as: congeniality, empathy with the guests, attitude to sharing…

Lastly, in spite of any previous experience, all staff members need to follow a continuous training for their specific role: receptionist, barman, manager of the current and future hostels.

Cosy, beautiful, accessible: the right place

A central chapter in the Strategic Business Plan regards the locations for the future Ostello Bello. In the next five years new openings will be focused in Italy and Myanmar.

Historical cities, capitals, seaside, lake, mountains. The plan is ambitious.

Ostello Bello can’t just settle for a random location in a city. Wherever we decide to open, Ostello Bello needs to be a special place, close to the main means of transport and monuments, with spacious outdoors and fundamental shared spaces. This is why we rely on experts who can help us finding “the right place”.

The right means to reach our goals.

Right people. Valued locations. But also a sustainable business and the investment return.

Ostello Bello has devised a plan – with further improvement goals – that manages to offer both quality and interesting financial returns for the partners.

In order to reach the goals included in the BP, consistent investments are expected, with the support of documents that foresee as precisely as possible the potential margin, risk and challenges from an economic and financial point of view.

This is certainly the least romantic part of our job, but it’s the foundation to build success.