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Our history

In September 2009 a group of friends, coming from a cultural association focused on projects in the city of Milan, decided to change direction and give voice to their passion for traveling and sharing. This passion turned into what had long been a common dream: to found a hostel. A place that could be “a flower in the middle of the city”.

The first step toward Ostello Bello creation was founding a company in 2010. Carlo, Pietro and Ceri, the three founding members, first joined it enthusiastically. Soon followed the rest of the group: Luca, Alice, Pietro, Dora, Emanuele, Giovanni, Barbara, Roberto e Monica. The group is now complete, ready to start working.

Our aim was to show Milan what hostels really are. We love traveling and we love our own city, so we wanted to combine our two passions. We wanted our hostel to be an open place for locals and travelers alike. 

Carlo Dalla Chiesa, CEO OB

None of them had a previous experience in hospitality but, having visited more than 200 hostels, the members imagined what would later become Ostello Bello by mixing what they loved most in their travels around the world.

After finding the perfect location in via Medici 4, all of them took part in the renovation work. Using colored chalk, love and fantasy they built the foundation of Ostello Bello, which opened to the public on August 13th, 2011.

Travelers and locals soon fell in love with the project and after a while national and international awards started to flood in. Positive feedback and the desire to export their product motivated Ostello Bello, together with new partners, to find its own place in Myanmar in 2014.

In 2015, year of Expo Milan, Ostello Bello doubles its product on a second location, close to the Central Railway Station, to welcome the great number of tourists awaited. In the meantime in Myanmar, after opening in Bagan, Mandalay and Inle Lake followed.

Today, Ostello Bello can be found in two different countries, counts more than 100 employees and associates trained with our precious know-how and has reached a total 700 beds offer.

What really makes Ostello Bello special, however, is the on-going, systematic, methodic presence of that fantastic international guest atmosphere we have dream about when traveling. And not only when traveling…

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