Between the districts of Como and Lecco you can find a lake rich in mysteries and curiosities to discover,but it isn’t Lake Como, we are talking about Lake of Pusiano. Even though less known, the lake is so appreciated by local people to be called ‘the gem of Brianza’.

The first human settling traces in this area date from the prehistoric age: about 8000 years ago, the ancient inhabitants of these places have built lake dwellings on the lake of Pusiano,Lake Annone and Lake Montorfano- at the time the land was mostly covered by reed thickets, forest and heath. The Carpani-Beauharnais’ palace instead offers several historic references to a more modern age: around ‘500 the noble family Carpani built it and then the palace became property of the prince Eugenio Beauharnais, viceroy of Italy and Napoleon stepson. Today, the Pusiano local government owns the palace and manages it for a public use.

Lake of Pusiano keeps on surprising us and while we are walking on the shore, we discover the motor ship Enigma , the result of the union between innovation and commitment to environment . The motor ship, entirely realised in steel and powered by solar energy, allows making a tour around the lake. The most interesting place is certainly the ‘ Isola dei Cipressi’ , famous for its particular flora and fauna, which have inspired many artists and literates.

How to reach: you can reach Pusiano by bus from Como city centre in half an hour. Experts advice: it would be surely more suggestive to visit the Lake of Pusiano the night of 4t h august- to celebrate the feast of Madonna della Neve , local people lighten the lake with small lights!

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